About Us 

LISSAH (Little Flower Institute of Social Sciences and Health) is established with a particular development vision, ‘towards life in its fullness’. Achieving it by recognizing every individual's dignity and respect ensures the holistic development of people. Being an institute set up in a rural area provides immense opportunity for the teachers and students to interact closely with the rural people and their problems. It always tries its best to redesign and improve the quality of peoples life.  The college offers enormous academic as well as co-academic engagement occasions for its students. LISSAH offers bachelor degrees in social work (BSW), Bsc Psychology, BA English with journalism and audio visual communication, Bsc computer science. And master's degree in Social Work (MSW), MSc psychology, Mcom finance, MAJMC (journalism) and MA English.

The social work department of LISSAH started in the year 2003, is considered one of the pioneer social work departments in Kerala. The department has an intake number of fifty for its undergraduate (Bachelor in Social Work) batch and thirty for its post-graduation (Master in Social Work). The academic culture of LISSAH and the department, which embrace theoretical and practical sessions with equal importance, provide the students with dynamic engagement prospects that develop them as expertised professional social workers. 

The department has its association, called STEPS (Steps Towards Establishing a Prosperous Society), which constantly strives to produce exceptional skills and knowledge among its members by organising numerous in-campus and out-campus activities. And it is a proud matter for the department that it always provides opportunities for its students to learn from and work for various needy communities through social research, awareness programs, rural camps etc. Apart from that, the department started multiple clubs in the institute such as verdict, quintessence and ahtc.

During the covid lockdown period, the college was shut down . However, the number of online programmes coordinated and conducted by the students in the department shows how well it could utilize the unprecedented time with utmost unity. Also, the students organized programmes like ‘pothichore’, ‘onakkodi’ etc., to support the communities in difficulties intensified by the covid impact.  The department’s creative engagements were the best examples of overcoming depraved times with promising initiatives.