CIGI -SAGE International  Conference

Social work trainees from Little Flower Institute of Social Sciences And Health participated in SAGE( Social  Action  for Grass root Empowerment) online International Conference organized by  Centre for Guidance and Information India(CIGI) 19th November of 2023.  Department of Social of  Little Flower Institute of Social Sciences and Health  and Centre for Information and Guidance India (CIGI) mutually agreed on  a Memorandum Of Understanding (MOU) for the purpose of the conference. Conclave III of the Conference is on the second day of the conference and it consisted of invited lectures and Dr. Vincy Abraham, Head of Social Work Department, Little Flower Institute of Social Sciences And Health was the Chairperson of the session  based on the topic ‘Career Cultures, Start-Up Ecosystems and Empowerment Initiatives: Challenges and Prospects’ . 

Six papers were presented as part of the conference by 12 students on different topics such as  ‘A Descriptive Study on The Successful Story of ‘Sangamam’ Welfare Society with Special Reference to Mukkam, Calicut District ‘ by Mrs. Risana M. Y and Ms. Aiswarya,  ‘A Study on The Implementation of Save A Family Plan Project for The Empowerment of Deprived Communities in Wayanad District’ by Ms. Fathima Nubla P. P and Ms. Rinshiya K, ‘From Washerwoman to An Entrepreneur: Success Story of a Village Lady’ by Ms. Raniya A. P and Arya K. P, ‘The Role of Sakhi NGO  Preventing and Intervening; In Violence Facing by Women and Girls at Home and Public Places ’by Ms. Nileena Mary Lalachan and Ms. Vismaya Mohan, ‘Kulumai Milk Producer Company Limited (KMPCL): Enhancing  Livelihoods of Rural Women through Livestock Farming’ by Ms. Shilpa S and Mr. Abhiraj K and  ‘A Descriptive Study On The Impact And Effectiveness Of Pink Task Force Program’ by Ms. Deena Thomas and Mr. Gokulnath S. R.  Dr. Badhriya Begum  Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology-Farook College (Autonomous), Kozhikode  evaluated the presentation.