JWALA - BSW 2022

Vilambara jatha

 On the 25th of December after lunch at GLPS Marakadavu we conducted a vilambara jatha to announce our arrival to the community. The vilambara jatha was the first activity we did as a team. We sang folk songs loudly to gain attention of the community. It showed us how cordinated we were inspite of it being a new experience for each and everyone of us. 

Inaugural function 

The inauguration of the 7 day rural camp - Jwala " kanalayi piraviyeduthu velichamayi jealikatte" was held on the 25th of November 2022 at 5 pm in the evening. The inaugural function commenced with a prayer by Punya.The welcome speech was given by sister Josmi. The meeting was presided over by Rev. Fr. Boby CST, manager of lissah college. The camp was inaugurated by the Sultan batheri MLA Shri IC Balakrishnan. Mullankolli panchayat president Sri PK Vijayan, Previous jila panchayat president Shri Varghese Muriyankavil, SMC member Shri Prakashan, PTA representative of GLPS Marakadavu and Lissah college vice principal fa. Sebin CST delivered felicitation and Fathima Ameequa, a student representative,delivered the vote of thanks. 


Street Play and Flash Mobs We conducted street plays on the theme of anti drug on 7 locations , 5 on the 31st of November and 2 on the 1st of December. Street plays were proceeded by flash mobs. On the the 31st the first school we went to was the Nirmala High school kabinigiri where the welcome speech was delivered by senior teacher MC Varkey. The next location was St Sebastian's AUP school padichira where they welcomed us with open arms and great acceptance. The response we received from the students was immense.The welcome speech was delivered by Shri Biju. The third school we went to was St Mary's UP school Mullankolli where Shri Johnson delivered the welcome speech. Rose Maria delivered the vote of thanks at all these locations. 

On the 1 of December we held street plays at 2 locations . GLPS Machur Karnataka where the welcome speech was delivered by Sri Rathnayya, principal and Ashrama school DP Kuppe , Karnataka where the welcome speech was delivered by Shri Manjunath. The vote of thanks was delivered by Mithun . We saw how much our street plays touched the audiences heart. And the impact it made on the people and the children around us was truly inspiring. 


Jwala 2022 was held from the 25th of November 2022 to the 2nd of December in the district of Wayanad. The camp was set up in GLPS Marakadavu, which is part of the Mullankolli panchayat. Marakadavu, which is in the Kerala Karnataka border, is a serene village with people who took us in with open arms and great warmth. The camp consisted of 50 students and 2 faculty members, who guided us through all our endeavours. 

We conducted street plays at seven locations to spread awareness against the use of drugs in the nearby schools, built a vegetable garden for the school, interacted with the community to learn about the problems they were facing, and entertained and communicated with the community with the cultural events held every night. The seven day rural camp taught each one of us a different skill; we found new dancers and singers amongst us, found people with great negotiation and leadership skills, and saw people who truly loved and empathized with the community. The love and support the people of Marakadavu gave us was beyond our expectations and what we thought would receive. They provided us with everything we asked for and more. Their acceptance was shown through their participation in the cultural events every night.