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Course Title: Competent Skills for Professionals 

Learning objectives

Module 1-Office Administration and Human Resource Management

Office orientation, communication, documentation, records management, reception and hospitality, meetings, components of human resource management, performance appraisal, operations and dispatch

Module 2-Presentation and Public Speaking

Managing speech, overcoming speech anxiety, listening/speakers, verbal and nonverbal communication, body language, gestures, eye contact, voice modulation, presentation aids

Module 3-Academic writing

Paragraph structure (topic sentence, supporting examples, transition sentence), Basic rhetorical modes (narration, description, exposition), Writing process (pre writing, writing, re-writing),

Effective use of quotation, paraphrase and summary. Stylistics (vocabulary, conciseness), correct paper formatting, Grammar & mechanics as needed

Module 4-Work life balance

Work life balance –concept of work life balance ,outcomes, signs of imbalance-health risks, absenteeism, health issues & burn out, stress management, goal setting, time management, balancing personal and professional life .


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