LISSAH offers Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work (BSW) to train young men/women as professional Social Workers. The course offers basic knowledge, skills and values of social work along with current trends like environment, community health, gender & development, family life education etc. The course provides great opportunities for the students in organization exposure, career identification and personality development. The curriculum is designed so as to help the students to acquire these through a combination of theoretical inputs and practice opportunities spreads over six semesters. It also has an interdisciplinary content and has drawn from the disciplines of sociology, psychology and anthropology. 

This BSW curriculum typically covers a broad spectrum of topics including community health and health care services, gender, gender laws and protection of women, essential legal information, project planning and management, research, Gandhian philosophy, rural and urban community development,  and the application of various social work methods for the development of society. Students are exposed to both macro-level social work, which involves working on a broader scale to influence policies and systems, and micro-level social work, which focuses on individual and family intervention.

One significant aspect of BSW programs is the emphasis on field education or internships, where students gain hands-on experience in real-world social work settings. These practical experiences allow students to apply their theoretical knowledge, develop clinical skills, and engage with diverse populations under the supervision of experienced social workers.

Programme objectives :

1. To equip students with knowledge, values, and skills required for basic level social work practice and entry to and success in post graduate programmes

2. To sensitize the learners about the contemporary socio-economic and cultural realties through class room and field based learning

3. To impart training in interdisciplinary domains to help students to effectively practice social work

4. To develop understanding and integration of social work theories and practice.

5. To provide opportunities to students to serve in social work settings so that

they learn to work with diverse groups.

6. To train the students to become effective change agents in their practice settings.

Eligibility: Pass in Plus two/Pre-degree/equivalent examination.