THIRA- 2023 

As per academic curriculum 1st year BSW trainees of LITTLE FLOWER INSTITUTE OF SOCIAL SCIENCES AND HEALTH (LISSAH) college conducted a rural camp at Thoovappara, Chemanchery in Kozhikode district. The rural camp was held from 23rd December to 30th December 2023. THOOVAPPARA, is a rural area at Kappad in Kozhikode district of Kerala, India. It comes under Chemanjeri Panjayath. It belongs to north Kerala division. It is one of the most beautiful coastal region in Kerala. We concentrated two colonies in this village, which is Swarnakulam and Tsunami Colony. Altogether there are 65 families in these two colonies. 


Street play is considered to be the lowest form of acting because one does not have microphone or loudspeakers. The trainees wear simple costumes and properties and often there is little or no amplification of sound, with actors depending on the natural vocal and physical ability we had done the street plays in its traditional way. The story was concentrated on Alcoholism. We had performed it around 3 stages which include Koylandi bus station and Koylandi harbour and Kappad beach side. Our performances got huge responses from everywhere other than that of at awareness classes. The live audio-usual communication strategy made the people to concentrate in to the theme of the street play. We are trained by faculty coordinator Mr. Shyju Elias, Mr. Vysakh and Ms. Krishna M.T. Our performance were good enough to understand and to get a huge response. These plays can create a positive impact and can lead to drastic changes in our society. Changes towards a better tomorrow. Change in society comes with the change in the mindset of the people and street plays can rightly achieve that goal. 


On 27/11/2023 the free medical camp conducted by social work trainees collab with Malabar Medical Collage Hospital and Research Centre and Sree Anjaneya institute dental sciences to carry out limited health interventions amongst the common community. People attempt these camps to get free check - ups and treatment. These medical camps provide the poor population with overall physical examinations which includes eyes, dental and health check- ups. Moreover the community and trainees were satisfied in the services and was a real opportunity for self-reliance too. 


The trainees went to an old age home named SNEHATHEERM, a home for old people who don't have a home to live in. This place is like home for them where they get everything for routine living like food, clothes, shelter and medical treatments. It's a home where old people live in a community with other people who have been abandoned by their families. At the old age home there are people of different age groups. Moreover, the staff is responsible for taking care of these old people. The social work trainees happily showed them the sea and shared their great joy and gave them a nice break in life. Social work trainees sang to them and cheered them up 



Classes and interactive sessions are always a helping tool for a person to discover more knowledge about a particular thought. Social work trainee have got a chance to attend a class which is led by Mrs. Anuradha who is a well-known social worker and CDPO (Child development Project Officer) in Kozhikode district. The class was about job opportunities for social work trainees in government sector and non-government sectors. She detailed what is CDPO, and the duties needed for social worker trainees yo acquire the job. She shared some personal stories related to the circumstances that a social worker has to face and how to overcome it. Finally at the end of the session she conducted some games relating to our ability and concentration. The games and interactive session was really good and it gave a lot of confidence and dedication. 


Unity is strength when there is teamwork and collaboration. Wonderful things can be formed. On the last days of our camp, the social work trainee and our faculties decided to do a wall painting work near to our homestay. First when the trainee observed that place it was full of grass and contained a lot of plastic wastes. So if social work trainees decide to clean the area as it will be helpful for the society by giving them a nice atmosphere. Firstly trainees cleaned the total surroundings by cutting grasses and picking out all the waste materials and washing the wall. Social work trainees drew marvelous pictures on the wall. The picture which is drawn on the wall is related to the culture of that area like sea, boat, and fisherman. Social work trainees also planted some plants and flowers around the tree and also hung some bottles in the branches of the tree. The bottles were decorated with paints and beautiful pictures. 


In order to raise awareness about the challenges faced by the people with disabilities, we conducted a wheelchair documentation on 29th November 2023. As representatives of those with disabilities, Mr. Madhu from Vengalath and Ms. Pushpa from Chemancheri, were brought to the Kappad Beach. The purpose of this wheelchair documentation was to educate the locals about the fact that individuals with disabilities should also be able to nourish the beauty of nature and to enhance the public to think about the various facilities that can be arranged for them. The documentation aimed to show that nature's beauty is not just limited to the fittest. 


Trainees formed 5 groups for FGD focused on age groups children, adolescents, adults, women, old age. Social work trainees conducted FGD for the participants in various public places for 2 hours. Trainees asked their common problems and helped them voice concerns, suggest solutions and participate in decision making processes. Overall, engaging various age groups in FGDs enriches the depth and breadth of understanding, facilitating more inclusive, relevant, and impactful outcomes for community development or social initiatives. 


The evaluation session was conducted and each social work trainee wrote about the positives and negatives of each individual. Social work trainees exchanged gifts to the faculty coordinators Mrs. Krishna M.T and Dr. Vysakh C.M. During the campfire social work trainees selected the best camper, best actor, best actress and the person who marked transformation. It was an ever-remembered memory of togetherness for the trainees. 


With 'Snehatheeram' inmates